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    Jorge-Miguel Rodriguez is a native Miami artist and designer. For several years, he has dedicated himself to refining his art and design. His work focuses on encouraging his viewers to perceive his work through their imagination and aimed to experience life with a colorful vision.


    He believes that art is his greatest form of self expression and individuality. He finds inspiration from human interaction and emotions. Jorge-Miguel is always excited to find new ways of expressing his ideas with the world. He believes that people have different ways of expressing themselves through art. He loves to collaborate with other artist to experience and share new ideas.


Jorge-Miguel allows his creativity to dictate the work he creates, meaning a box is not a place he enjoys being in. Because of his wide imagination, Jorge has various styles of art. Throughout Jorge-Miguel’s work, you will notice a variety of styles, mirroring his diverse imagination. The repetition of lines in his work display his natural nature of following his creative flow.  A common theme throughout his works is his use bright and bold colors.The use of captivating colors are at the forefront of all of his art as a means of visually creating works that are lively, vivid and exciting for his audience. 

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